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The Concept

Julia Clifford from Advance Academics came to us after viewing our great work with her husband’s business, ClinicalPRO. Julia ran personalised and individual coaching sessions with high-school students who were looking to improve their grades and handle the stress of high-school. Even with her employing extra staff, and structuring her time efficiently, Julia knew that there was always going to be a cap on her income – there were only so many students she and her team could work with each year. Plus, her and Daniel had family goals and she wanted to be around to watch her kids grow up, without the stress of a lack of income or watching the clock. So, we worked closely with Julia so she could transition from coaching to online course delivery methods.

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How We Helped

After chatting with Julia about her income, time and business goals, it was clear that she needed to move from coaching to online course delivery. We dug a little deeper and discovered topics that could work for her target audience – and after a productive chat, we knew what our first topic would be!

On the day that our team was scheduled to help her flesh out her educational online course topics, Julia announced that she was 4 months pregnant! Talk about a motivational kick up the butt – this baby was coming whether we were ready or not. Our team worked with Julia to brainstorm the content, and set her to task to write out the content (using our scripting templates). As a fellow educator herself, Julia found this process very easy and within 2 weeks we had created an educational online course featuring 4 modules and 31 lessons. Our team worked quickly to develop the shot lists, and booked in the filming dates – it was time to get this content down.

Julia came to The Video Box studio to film the primary dialogue over 3 days (in 3 weeks). It was decided that filming Julia on a clean, white background would suit the graphic design for the project, and would allow us to use a uniform colour scheme to hide Julia’s ever growing bump! The teleprompter helped to speed up the process for capturing the 31 lessons. Due to Julia’s energy levels depleting as the baby grew, our team also scheduled some of the dialogue as a voice over track, so that Julia could capture some of the content sitting down!

Once all of the dialogue was captured we took all of the footage to our in-house editing suite. As Julia had been recording the dialogue, our Graphic Design team had been working to create the mountain of slides necessary to support this content (in total we created 577 branded slides)! Once our editing team had pieced together a fluent edit, and laid out the slides (featuring clean fonts and engaging stock imagery), our team added the final touches of an audio mix and master, colour correction and added a stock music track with moving logo as an opener and closer.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

Within a month, our team delivered the entire educational online course to Julia, and built her LMS using the Teachable Platform. She had 18 sales in her opening weekend (with promotion to her current list), with testimonials coming in daily from happy customers and impressed parents. Just after this, her new baby arrived, so once things have calmed down from this, Julia plans to launch nationally.

Advance Academics_Educational Online Course

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