Industry Skills Education – Video Support Training Resources For GetSkilled Australia

The Concept

Josh and his team from GetSkilled Australia contacted us with an idea to convert their current Australian Industry Skills Education manuals into Video Support Training Resources. Their goal was to quicken the theory component of the training for students, so that they could spend more time in the practical component, which would allow the GetSkilled team to offer more individualised and personalised training sessions (which would help students get better grades and the training facility a higher pass rate). Josh also wanted to create visual resources that could help foreign students understand the material so that in-person group training could maintain it’s pace without having students feel isolated or interrupted.

Video Support Training Resources - Driving A Forklift

How We Helped

Firstly, our team worked with the vocational trainers to understand their methods of training. As they delivered set information every single lesson, we knew the scripting process would be an easy process. We asked the team to record themselves delivering the training so that it could be transcribed – and then our scripting producer converted that training into the Video Support Training Resources scripts.

Using our teleprompter, our film crew captured all of the training dialogue for 10 videos in just under 4 hours. As the videos were quite lengthy, our crew also captured supporting B-Roll footage to aid the viewer to understand and comprehend the complex theoretical training. The rest of the training was dedicated to branded titles to highlight key pieces of information. Since this had already been decided in our planning stage, filming was captured in the most efficient way possible – even allowing us to capture what was necessary without disturbing that day’s students or exams).

Once filming was complete, we took this footage into our in-house editing suite. While our editor laid out the footage alongside the voice over track, our Graphic Designer created all of the branded titles to support all styles of learning. Font choices were incredibly important here (and so was colour), so a little research was even done before the first slide was created. Once our team had created all of the additional content, our editor finalised the timeline for all for the Video Support Training Resources. This content was also sent off for additional transcription, so that we could create caption files for each video (this was vital for our non-english speaking users). Within 3 weeks, our team delivered the 10 supporting video resources to GetSkilled Australia.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

Josh and his team have seen higher pass results, and have received really positive feedback from each trainee – each commenting how much easier the video made things to not only understand the theory, but to get to their desired qualification faster. Josh also took time out of his day to report to us: They moved the trainee’s inside to watch the training videos we had created and each trainee then passed the test and qualified for their Forklift licence as if they had used the machine’s themselves.

Video Support Training Resources_Forklift

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