The Concept

I met with Janet Parker and Vanessa Drummond, the owners of zazen Alkaline Water, after connecting with them at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Brisbane. They are one of Queensland’s biggest supplier of Alkaline Water Filtration Systems and wanted to create some high quality Training Videos to help educate their customers. They had also identified that their staff were spending a lot of time on the phone answering simple questions that are answered in the brochure content; we both agreed that Video Content would be able to help cut down that time for the staff and make it more interesting for the consumer. So, we put together a plan to turn their Frequently Asked Questions into engaging Training Video Content.

How We Helped

To start the project, I took a deep dive over the zazen Alkaline Water website and spoke to the team to generate the commonly asked Questions and concerns. I then took this content and worked with my team to generate the scripts for the Voice Over. When turning Frequently Asked Questions into engaging Training Video Content, you want a clear, concise and pleasant to listen to Voice Over to drive the viewer through the steps. This Voice Over script would also drive our shot list, as each audio step needed a Visual one. Once the scripts had been created, we worked with Janet and Vanessa to make sure the scripts adequately matched zazen’s Target Audience and all of the instructions were correct.

Once the scripts were finalised, we arranged the location for filming the content. We wanted a gorgeous Kitchen that spoke to the Target Audience – clean, white, modern and designed for a home found in the upper pricing market. As we were filming 14 Training Videos, we knew we would require 2 full days of filming with an Actor and one half day for filming additional Product Shots in the space. As we were turning Frequently Asked Questions into engaging Training Video Content, we knew we had to film the content first, as when you are working with the product(s), you may find extra steps you missed when simply writing a brochure or creating a manual. Our actor, Shaleena, did a great job of working with Products and demonstrating on camera, even after being asked to pour water out of jug 15 times! This is where working with a professional actor can really help, plus they understand where to put their hands and position their body when demonstrating a Product; something not thought about when watching back the Training Video but necessary for a clear and polished Marking Video. After the demonstration content had been filmed, we returned back to our in-house Editing Suite.

It was now time to create the Voice Over track for all 14 videos. Again, since we were turning Frequently Asked Questions into engaging Training Video Content, we knew the Voice Over track needed to be clear, clean and free from distracting background noise. We asked Professional Voice Over artist, Sarah Kennedy, to come to our Recording Studio to record all of the content. It was great to be able to work alongside Sarah and to clarify how we wanted the dialogue to flow – especially as we had been apart of the recording of the video content and knew how that would appear in the final Edit. Plus, Sarah is always professional and does a great job – is super passionate about getting it just right for the client – and is a delight to work with. Once this was completed, all that was left was to line everything up on the track. Our team and I worked to line up the content with the Voice Over train, and to highlight the key points with Title Slides. When turning Frequently Asked Questions into engaging Training Video Content, gently animated Title Slides give additional eye candy for the viewer – making it easier for them to focus on what’s happening on screen and take note of those important points. Once we found the right music track, and added the minimal graphics, these videos came together beautifully.

The End Result

Janet and Vanessa love the videos! Now that they are up on the website, the team at zazen Alkaline Water have noticed a significant reduction in phone calls to Customer Service and have received plenty of compliments from current customers. In the end, it was a simple process to turn Frequently Asked Questions into engaging Training Video Content – especially when you have the right Video Content Producer by your side.

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