Clinical Pro Converts Workshop into Skin Care Training Content to avoid travel and save time

The Concept

We started working with Metro and Daniel Clifford, the mother-and-son team and owners of ClinicalPRO, back in 2016. We were first hired to help Daniel capture and convert the educational knowledge of Metro into Skin Care Training Content. Both Daniel and Metro spend a lot of their time on the road (or on a plane) to deliver one-to-one or small group workshops to Beauty Therapists. This was especially problematic with the high turn-over of staff in the smaller clinics; a lot of the workshops were basic and repetitive, rather than advancing staff who were investing in their future. And, with Daniel’s first child on the way, he knew there was an easier way to deliver this training while still keeping the same quality that ClinicalPRO delivers.

Washing Face With Clinical Skin Care Training Content

How We Helped

When we first began this project, our team wanted to get familiar with the ClinicalPRO treatments that we were filming. We were supplied a lot of documents from the ClinicalPRO team, but we also had Metro and Daniel explain their take on the information. This was a great move as it helped us to get a handle on the language and delivery of the Skin Care Training Content. Once we had what we needed, our company director, Sarah Robinson, wrote up the training scripts for each lesson. Once this was complete, we sent this through to Metro and Daniel for their feedback. After these were approved, we scheduled in the filming dates.

Since time was limited with the ClinicalPRO staff, we broke up the filming sessions into 3 parts over 2 weeks. We first recorded the dialogue with Metro. Since our setup involved the Teleprompter, Metro was able to record the 14 scripts within a 4 hour block without too much hassle or fatigue. Our second and third filming sessions were a little more intense. Our crew set up a mock treatment set at the ClinicalPRO headquarters and brought in several ‘actors’ (all of which were ClinicalPRO volunteer staff members) and filmed Metro and Beauty Technician, Ann, each applying the treatment. Using multiple cameras, we were able to easily capture multiple angles of the treatment – which allowed the Beauty Technicians to maintain their flow without interruption.

Once the filming was complete, we took the footage for the Skin Care Training Content to our in-house editing suite. While our editor laid out the footage alongside Metro’s voice over track, our Graphic Designer created all of the branded titles to support all styles of learning. Font choices were incredibly important here (and so was colour), so a little research was even done before the first slide was created. Once our team had created all of the additional content, our editor finalised the timeline for all of the Skin Care Training Content. Within just two weeks, we delivered the Skin Care Training Content for the ClinicalPRO team to set up on their private server for their students.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

Clinical Skincare use their training videos to increase productivity with Direct Sales Businesses who have a high turnover of staff, and to increase sales with clients. The Training Videos were also chosen to reduce the amount of time spent with individual business and to avoid so much travelling for the two Principal Directors. At the moment Clinical Pro are able to email or text links to clients who ask for the information, and they plan to mass launch the content on a LMS later in the year.

Applying Mask With Clinical Skin Care Training Content

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