Helen Joy Butler Educates Clients With A Services Promotional Video Series

The Concept

Earlier this year, Helen and I connected through an online community. Helen was looking to create some video content for her website to help her educate her customers around her services and also help her clients to make the decision to hire her over other practitioners in this field. After our first conversation, I realised Helen needed a Services Promotional Video Series to help her explain what an Elemental Space Clearing is, and how this service can help women to sell their homes.

How We Helped

To start the project, I took a deep dive over Helen’s website to discover possible topics for her Video content. After sending her this list of possible topics for her Services Promotional Video Series, Helen confirmed her key areas of interest. Then, Helen and I had a chat about her services over a cup of coffee. I really wanted to understand how she served her customers, as these videos would be a part of the decision making for her clients. We actually recorded this conversation so that my team and I could draw back on it throughout the process. I also had this conversation transcribed so that we could easily create the scripts for each of the videos.

Once the script formats were created, we arranged a filming day in Helen’s home. Since this was the location where she performed her Elemental Space Clearings, this was the space she was most comfortable in. Using the interview style format, Helen and I recorded the content needed for each video in the Services Promotional Video Series. Due to the work we had both done in the Pre-Production stage, this session went together pretty easily. After the interview content had been roughly pieced together on the editing timeline, my team and I returned to Helen’s home to film the complimentary B-Roll footage.

Once the filming was finished, we took all of the footage back to our in-house editing suite. Since the main editorial content had been found, all that was left was some tightening up and laying out the complimentary B-Roll footage. Once we found the right music track, and added the minimal graphics, these videos came together beautifully.

Earlier this year I made a business decision to have professional videos created. As an Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner I found I was explaining to my clients and other business professionals what my work ‘looked’ like, but I felt that there was a disconnect between the process I use and how it was being received. The only way I knew how to remedy this was to have professional videos created which would share the depth of my work more fully.

Sarah is so friendly, so lovely, so kind and generous. She made the entire videoing experience smooth and easy, right from the word go.

I loved how Sarah interviewed me as part of the planning process, to get a deeper feeling of me and my business, so she could create the videos she knew would help my business sing. This planning stage meant that when we got to the actual filming we could hit the ground running, knowing exactly what needed to be filmed on the day.

The filming itself was seamless, professional and, importantly, heaps of fun! By the end of our first filming day I was already trying to work out how I could pack Sarah up and take her with me when I next travelled and needed a videographer!

I consider Sarah a valuable part of my team now and will definitely be seeking her expert help again in the future.
Helen Joy Butler, Elemental Space Clearer

The End Result

Helen loved the videos! She is currently rolling them out on her Social Media channels, but so far the feedback has be wonderful. Her audience have really resonated with the personal, authentic self Helen is presenting on camera, and loving the stories being told.

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