Ma Belle Allure Grows Business & Promotes Messages Through Fashion Videos For Social Media

The Concept

Simone Parker, from Ma Belle Allure, contacted us to create some short fashion videos for social media. She wanted to show potential clients how to dress for their body shape, and demonstrate her skills for finding outfits that would compliment the individual. These short fashion videos for social media were her way of launching her services online and she hoped to find new clients and get her name out there.

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How We Helped

Simone’s business was brand new when she first came to us. In order to find the best focus for these fashion videos for social media, we first helped her to focus her message and find her position for growth. After a few chats, and using our 10 years of experience in business and helping business owners in Simone’s position, we found her unique selling point and found a way to promote Simone’s business.

We ended up making a few fashion videos for social media for Simone. Once Simone had developed relationships with local boutique owners, she set up a few filming dates with her daughter and her model friends. The Video Box director, Sarah Robinson, helped Simone to write out the script using a developed formula, which proved to be a helpful guide for creating a format for future videos. Once the script was confirmed, the team set up the filming equipment in each boutique. We worked closely with Simone to capture set poses for each model in each outfit, making sure to capture B-Roll close-ups that would compliment the dialogue.

Once the main footage was captured, we arrange another day in our studio for Simone to record all of the dialogue. Doing this after the fact proved helpful for the short fashions videos for social media; due to new stock being available at the boutique or different accessories being more complimentary, the scripts needed a few variations. Simone was able to record all dialogue for 5 – 6 videos in one session, using our Teleprompter. Our company director, Sarah Robinson, was on hand as well to guide Simone and make delivery suggestions along the way.

Lastly, we would take all of the footage in to our in-house editing suite. Our editing team would look through the captured footage, piecing together shots that would match Simone’s dialogue. Once this was complete, we added a funky music track, eye-catching titles and colour graded the material to give the short fashion videos for social media a fun and vibrant look.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

These short fashion videos have proven to be very helpful for Simone. Her business has grown to a team of 5, and she has been asked to represent her brand and give her thoughts at several fashion networking events around Australia. She has brought on a few clients, and has now found her love for teaching and sharing her knowledge in small group workshops.

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