Dan From Well Built Sheds Showcases Unique Selling Point Through Video

The Concept

Looking to do more than just show customers static images of their product, Dan from Well Built Sheds & Carports came to us looking to showcase their difference in a competitive market. He was looking for video content that promoted his products and services, and how his company provided a one-stop solution for customers. We knew creating social media video content that sold the service would be the perfect medium for Dan. Dan would use this promotional tool to show off his Unique Selling Point through video.

Educational Lead Magnet Series - Tanya Targett

How We Helped

After a discussion with Dan, we knew our Bite Sized Marketing product would be the perfect fit to capture the videos that could present his Unique Selling Point through Video. After Dan filled in our Bite Sized Marketing survey, we had enough information to give to our copywriter, Andrea. Once again, Andrea did a fabulous job creating the perfect blend of sales and story, and really helped to pull out the Unique Selling Point of Well Build Sheds & Carports.

As Shed’s are not the most interesting to film (what more can you do with a square box!), we knew that having multiple sheds filmed at interesting angles in each of the videos was imperative to keep the viewer’s attention. This would really help to drive home the Unique Selling Point through video and get Dan the results he needed.

On filming day, our two camera operators, Justin and Gareth, visited several locations of Dan’s previous builds. These guys worked together brilliantly, capturing unique angles of each shed and finding new ways of keeping the viewer’s attention.

Once we had captured all that we needed, we took the footage back to our in-house editing suite. We brought each voice over artist into the sound studio over at Tall Poppy Productions and worked with them making sure that their tone matched our social media video goals. We then pieced all of the footage together on the timeline to match the fluidity of the voice over. We then worked our magic with Graphic Design, Titles, and Music. The colour grade gave the social media content the strong and vibrant look we were after and the music drives the viewer along. We brought Dan’s Unique Selling Point through video to life.

The End Result

Dan’s social media campaign was launched using the 5 videos we created for him. This campaign has now seen over 100,000 views on social media platforms and generated an increase in, not only traffic to their website, but also qualified leads. It has also allowed Dan to bring on more staff members and grow his business.

Dan Promoting Unique Selling Point Through Video

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