Omniblend Innovation releases weight loss testimonial video with Jim Mavronichols

The Concept

Phil Baker, from Sydney’s Omniblend Innovation contacted us about creating an inspirational weight loss testimonial video about one of their recent customers, Jim Mavronichols. Jim joined Omniblend Innovation’s weight-loss study after being diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. After just one month of drinking the product designed by Omniblend Innovation, alongside a combination of good diet and exercise, Jim has lost close to 25kgs and found the freedom to enjoy life again. After discussing the project with Phil, we came up a with a plan to inspire others with Jim’s story and create an inspirational weight loss testimonial video that would also subconsciously promote the product as well.

Jim Boxes During Weight Loss Testimonial Video

How We Helped

Since Phil was based in Sydney, and most of his schedule was taken up by the study currently being run, he was very happy for our team to take lead on the project. Once we had the initial discussion around the project with Phil, one of our first jobs was to come up with questions to drive the conversation. Jim was a normal person, not an actor or paid celebrity so we knew that the questions needed to lead him to the answers we were needing to tell his story, and to encourage him to expand on topics while remaining to feel natural and comfortable on camera. Using the research we had done into the Ommniblend Innovation study, and from our initial phone call with Jim, we came up with a list of 15 questions, and hoped that they would be enough to get what we needed for Weight Loss Testimonial Video.

We needn’t have worried though – this funny, calm and delightful man was excited to share his story and was so accommodating to us. It was easy to get what we needed from him, and the interview for the Testimonial Video really became an interesting and engaging dialogue between him and I. During the hour-long interview, my team made notes about what was spoken about, and generated a list of B-Roll shots that could be used to support the footage and tell the story. This allowed us to maximise the time at Jim’s home; getting footage of Jim making his shakes, taking time out at home and tracking his results.

We also arranged to visit Jim at his next boxing session at his local Jim to highlight one of the key sports that helped Jim to also shed the weight. This was important to add in to the story – it needed to be clear in the Weight Loss Testimonial Video that Jim lost the weight with the combination of good food, activity AND the Ommniblend product.

Editing this weight loss testimonial video was an absolute breeze, especially as our team had done a lot of the hard work in the Pre-Production stage. We pieced all of the dialogue together on the timeline, including all of the possible topics and quotes. As this video was not scripted, it was really up to the edit to make this a fluid product. Once we had a completed video, we begin to work our magic with adding the supporting B-Roll shots, Graphic Design, Titles, and Music.

The End Result

We were so happy with the end product of the Weight Loss Testimonial Video for Ommniblend Innovation – and so was Phil. Once reviewed the project and we made the minor changes that were requested, we uploaded a website copy of each file to a Dropbox folder for future use. We also created a YouTube version and Facebook version, and uploaded all 5 videos as a combined 30 minute version, in the listed respected formats. We wanted to give Ommniblend Innovation as many options as possible to get their message out and be heard by their target Audience.

Jim Interview_weight loss testimonial video

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