Velbella Introduces Customers to Staff Through Meet-The-Team Videos

The Concept

We have been working with Lauren Veling, from Velbella, for a long time. Lauren and her team are often the makeup artists we recommend to clients as Lauren’s makeup line makes models and ‘real-world’ people look amazing on camera. Lauren came to us wanting to redesign her website and for help with a rebranding. While her previous website had originally been pink and bright colours with a strong focus on Lauren, her new website content needed a massive focus on the sophisticated Bride and her large team of artists. We ended up creating 2 websites for Lauren; one for Bridal and one for the Airbrush Makeup line. One of our main projects to introduce Lauren’s staff to Bride’s was to create Passion stories with Meet-The-Team Videos.

Beautiful Bride in Meet-The-Team Videos

How We Helped

We began this project by developing a list of questions that we could chat to each staff member about. We worked closely with Lauren and drew on our knowledge of the team and the website’s focus to create these. Once Lauren had signed off on the questions, we helped her to schedule in times with the team to come up to the Velbella bridal studio.

Our company director, Sarah Robinson, worked with each staff member to capture the right vibe for these meet-the-team videos. Sarah set up the multi-camera setup so that the interview was held like a conversation between Sarah and the team member. This kept the vibe casual and calm, friendly and approachable – perfect for meet-the-team videos.

Once this interview footage was captured, The Video Box team joined Velbella at their end of year photo shoot training day. This was the perfect type of B-Roll footage; Lauren’s team working with Brides, having fun and performing their skills. This footage blended beautifully with the interview footage.

Working with Sarah was the best thing I ever decided to do for my business. My products are really visual, and the fact I needed to retrain women in the application of makeup meant that video was the perfect medium to do so. Sarah just ‘got’ my ideas, my vision and helped me with so many ideas that I would never have dreamed possible.Lauren Veling, Velbella

The End Result

These meet-the-team videos worked out great for Lauren and the Velbella team. Lauren has seen an increase of requests from Brides who ask for individual staff members by name – and the Brides are more welcoming of the Velbella team when starting Bridal trials or on the wedding day.

Gorgeous Bride in Meet-The-Team Videos

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