Velbella Promotes Makeup Range With Beauty Social Media Advertisement

The Concept

Velbella has a beautiful range of products that they were looking to advertise to their target market. Instead of making another tutorial video for the brand, we decided to create a beauty social media advertisement. Velbella knows that their target market is busy Mums’. They love the convenience of the product and are always on the go, so we created a short film in the “day-of-the-life” style.

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How We Helped

After presenting the idea to the team, Sarah and The Video Box crew quickly planned the beauty social media advertisement using storyboards. This allowed the whole team to see the goals and break down the shot list for each scene. Once this was confirmed, The Video Box cast for the social media advertisement using their dedicated database of actors. Lauren did volunteer her own son for the role of the child and Luca did a fabulous job!

Due to a limited budget and tight timeline, we fit the 10 scenes into one day. Due to our planning in the pre-production stage, we were able to fit everything in. We worked with Chiquita to bring the role of ‘Mum’ to life for this beauty social media advertisement. Being a Mum of 3 boys herself, Chiquita had plenty to draw from. We filmed this in several locations around Lauren’s home – this made it easy to travel around, while also giving us a central base to store our equipment.

Once the filming was finished, we took the footage back to our in-house editing suite. Due to the storyboard work we had done in the Pre-Production stage, piecing the beauty social media advertisement together was simple. Once we found the right music track, and added the minimal graphics, this commercial told the story without needing any dialogue or voice over track.

Working with Sarah was the best thing I ever decided to do for my business. My products are really visual, and the fact I needed to retrain women in the application of makeup meant that video was the perfect medium to do so. Sarah just ‘got’ my ideas, my vision and helped me with so many ideas that I would never have dreamed possible.Lauren Veling, Velbella

The End Result

Lauren released the beauty social media advertisement on her Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts – with a great response. Her audience loved it, and the film inspired many customers to share their own success stories with the kit, resulting in many new testimonials for the company.

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