Intritec PTY LTD Releases Software Promotional Video For Track-ED

The Concept

Phil Baker, the Director and Application Developer at Intritec PTY LTD, contacted us to create a virtual walk through software promotional video for his software Product, TrackEd. His company had taken various screen shots that he knew were key selling points to his target market, and Phil needed us to piece it all together by creating a professional resource that could be shown either on stage at the next National Conference, at his company booth or on the company website. This software promotional video relied heavily on us creating an engaging, sales video script and the graphics that we created using our in-house Post-Production suite. Overall, Phil was really happy with the end product, especially with it bringing his company the leads and sales enquiries that he needed, and the promotional power to stand out at the conference.

TrackED_Software Promotional Video

How We Helped

The first thing we concentrated on was the script and understanding Phil’s target market. We knew he was promoting his software at the national conference, so Phil had the chance to talk directly to his key customers. The video needed to be a supporting resource for his keynote, but be able to stand up on it’s own for the promotional process. We had a meeting with Phil so that he could explain his software screenshots to us in more detail. This became our framework for the script. Our professional copywriting team put together the perfect blend of education and sales, and after only a few reviews with our client, Phil was very happy with the end result. All we needed to do from here, was to bring the words to life.

To time the video graphics correctly, The Video Box team asked one of our key voice over artists to record the script. We wanted an artist that could convey the information conversationally, while still coming across as an authority figure. Lou did a great job of getting that balance just right. Once the voice recording was complete, it was time to create the graphic transitions and blend Phil’s software screen shots in with our typography graphics to highlight key pieces of information. Since this was a software promotional video, it was important to showcase how the software worked, but we wanted to keep it bright and fast-paced to keep the viewers attention and to subconsciously plant the desire to use the software for the target market.

Once the graphics had been completed, we pieced them together in our editing software using the voice over track and a driving music track. By this stage, the editing was very simple, and it came together very quickly. Again, we uploaded the final video to our review panel for Phil to check the final product. After a few tweaks of minor items, Phil was once again delighted with the end result.

Thank you, that is great! Very engaging and professional. I really like the voice over, the animations and the music fits well. This will be a really great addition to the workshop, booth and website. I really appreciate your work on it. Phil Baker, Intritec PTY LTD

The End Result

Phil updated us after the conference with some great results. He and his staff managed to walk away with heaps of leads and sales inquiries, and he was able to utilise the video in the keynote with a seamless transition. People were very impressed with the professionalism of the video, which in turn gave them confidence in the professionalism of the Intritec software. Update: The following year, Phil contacted us again with some new features they had added to the software. Due to our file management while piecing together the edit, we were able to easily slot in the new updates without having to re-record any new voice over tracks or finding missing files, which resulted in updates being achieved easily and at a great budget. An added bonus!

TrackED_Software Promotional Video_OpenView

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