Video Customer Success Stories For The Winning Publicity Launch

The Concept

After creating Tanya Targett’s Lead Magnet Series for The Winning Publicity Formula, Tanya also contacted us about making 2 video customer success stories. This was the perfect opportunity for Tanya to demonstrate the successful results of previous client’s – and, by using the story format, she could paint the picture of future results for future clients as well. These viral and shareable types of content were instrumental into making Tanya’s Winning Publicity Formula an online success.

The Root Cause_video customer success story

How We Helped

Keeping the talent calm and allowing them to present their message through interviews is key to creating video customer success stories. After working with Tanya, we knew her journalism background and her established background with these two clients would come in handy for this type of thing. Our content producer, Sarah Robinson, worked with Tanya to come up with a list of questions that could drive our talent to stay on message, without them feeling forced or unnatural.

We filmed The Root Cause first. Sarah and the video team drove up to Toowoomba to where the big green bus was parked. Meeting this family is like a breath of fresh air – Israel and Bel are passionate about reducing the obesity crisis here in Australia and they tackle it with grace and humour. We set up the filming equipment in the kitchen where they were staying, and made them feel comfortable for the interview. Israel and Bel were able to bounce off each other to answer Tanya’s questions, and soon were chatting with her without any nerves; their passion for their cause shone through.

A few weeks later, we drove up again to Toowoomba to meet up with Alecia Staines, an advocate for birthing rights for women. Again, we set up the equipment in her home, and made her feel comfortable for the interview. Sarah was a little concerned that Alecia didn’t have anyone else to bounce off from; she needn’t have worried. Alecia was confident, sure on her messages and, after being in the press for over 12 months now, knew how to answer the questions without hesitation. Even her interview was a great testament to Tanya’s Winning Publicity formula.
With Tanya’s pointed questions and the Multi-Camera setup of the shoot, we captured some great stuff for these video customer success stories. While it was important to chat about their causes, and what motivates them to do what they do, we always drove that conversation back to why Tanya and The Winning Publicity Formula helped them achieve their goals.

Once filming was complete, we took the footage back to our in-house editing suite. Piecing together each of the video customer success stories took some creative editing. With this long-form content, the key is to always think about what journey the viewer is on – how you keep them emotionally engaged with the story on the screen. Sarah and the editing team went through the footage to pull out the key moments in each story. Tanya also supplied some of the media that The Root Cause and Alecia had received to really drive that point home. After piecing together the story, and laying down the right musical tracks, these video customer success stories were alive.

Thank you Sarah for producing such an amazing, high quality video series. Your feedback, thoughts and input on the scripts was appreciated. It has been a pure delight and pleasure working with you, pulling all this together. We had a great first launch, great feedback on the videos, and great work all round.Tanya Targett, The Winning Publicity Formula

The End Result

Tanya’s Four Video Educational Lead Magnet Series and her video customer success stories provides so much value to her cold traffic which seamlessly leads them to buying her online course, resulting in sold out launches and plenty of leads for Tanya to nurture. In fact, her success with the series lead to her sharing her tale in front of 1100 people in LA and receiving a Gold Invitation-Only Access Pass from Jeff Walker himself! Best of all, the content is evergreen, allowing Tanya to launch 3 to 4 times a year, using the same four video educational lead magnet video series and two video customer success stories to reach a new audience every time.

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