Tanya Targett – Four Video Educational Lead Magnet Series For The Winning Publicity Formula

The Concept

Tanya Targett came to us in early 2016 after enrolling in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. Tanya had created an online course that taught Business owners how to use publicity in order to generate more leads, make more sales and establish themselves as an authority figure. As she wanted to stop delivering in-person workshops (which impacted her health and took her away from her daughter), Tanya wanted to make sure that her Four Video Educational Lead Magnet Series was successful and built the momentum she desired.

Educational Lead Magnet Series - Tanya Targett

How We Helped

Our content producer, Sarah Robinson, worked exclusively with Tanya to finalise her videos scripts as per Jeff’s suggested Product Launch Formula. While Tanya knew her content very well, it certainly made the scripting process even easier to have a second person to bounce ideas off of. Once the scripts had been finalised, our team had a discussion around where to film the content for the right look. It was decided that the penthouse in a hotel was appropriate, as Tanya’s training had the potential to skyrocket a business owners success.

As each video in the Four Video Educational Lead Magnet Series is 40 minutes long, we set aside two day filming sessions for the 4 video series. Our film crew set up the equipment in the locations in the apartment. As we were using the teleprompter, all of the dialogue was captured pretty fluently, only stopping for natural errors and to refine delivery. As Tanya was delivering educational sales content, it was imperative that Tanya maintained the correct tone and emphasised phrasings correctly. Thanks to the structured planning in the Pre-Production stage, and the calm and efficient set, all videos in the Four Video Educational Lead Magnet Series were shot well within the assigned time.

Once filming was complete, we took the footage back to our in-house editing suite. Using the designs templates by Tanya’s Graphic Designer, our team balanced the live footage with the branded title slides, supporting imagery and tied them all together with the right (and emotionally driven) stock music tracks. As the timeline for the project was very tight, we delivered each video 2 days before the scheduled launch; while not ideal, the communication between Tanya’s team and The Video Box worked beautifully to reduce the stress and ensure a successful launch.

The End Result

Tanya’s Four Video Educational Lead Magnet Series provides so much value to her cold traffic which seamlessly leads them to buying her online course, resulting in sold out launches and plenty of leads for Tanya to nurture. In fact, her success with the series lead to her sharing her tale in front of 1100 people in LA and receiving a Gold Invitation-Only Access Pass from Jeff Walker himself! Best of all, the content is evergreen, allowing Tanya to launch 3 to 4 times a year, using the same four video educational lead magnet video series to reach a new audience every time.

Educational Lead Magnet Series - Media Wall

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