Sekisui House Creates Event Social Media Promotional Content

The Concept

The Video Box is currently working with Sekisui House to create content for Ripley Town Centre, based out at Ripley, Ipswhich. Being a new housing development and shopping centre for the area, the marketing team at Sekisui House are relying on Video Content to reach neighbours in the local areas to attend events. Earlier this year, the team at Sekisui House invited The Video Box to film two promotional videos for two location openings at Ripley. The first was Minka Place Community Centre and the second was the first birthday celebration of Ripley Town Centre. While the two events were very different, the process for creating both videos was roughly the same, and each project gave Sekisui House event social media promotional content to use for advertising both in house and online.

How We Helped

The Minka Place Community Centre promotion required a lot of Pre-Production preparation. The Video Box was invited to interview important local members in leadership roles about the launch of the new Minka Place Community Centre and the impact it would have on the area. This involved the coordination of many timetables and schedules, but using our experience in this area and flexibility, this was quickly pieced together. The Video Box director, Sarah Robinson, quickly put each local member at ease, and designed each interview to be more like a conversation – which allowed our team to capture each quote for the video in a very natural and conversational style. Our team then captured B-Roll of the local areas around Minka Place, using a combination of moving and still shots. Lastly, our team needed to film in Minka Place – which was due to be finished with construction the day before the event. Again, using our professionalism, our Pre-Production preparation and multiple cameras, our team was able to capture and edit in the content to deliver the final event social media promotional content for the teams use.

A couple of months later, our team was invited to attend the Main Street Festival – the first birthday celebration of Ripley Town Centre. This video was pieced together by capturing the event as is – allowing for a more natural delivery of the final product. While it was a little tricky to work as the sun was setting, there were plenty of events and acts for us to film. Again, our people-person director, Sarah Robinson, put the crowd at ease around being on camera, initiating conversations and engaging with children and adults around the place. Back in the edit suite, it was easy to piece together the Event Social Media Promotional Content for the Sekisui House team for this event. We provided edited photographs and a short but funky video – again, relying on a great music track to drive the viewer along and to encapsulate the fun had at the event.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

Event Social Media Promotional Content is a great way to generate leads, create advertising content, and build trust and credibility with a local area. Sekisui House are really happy with the final products for both videos and received positive comments from the local community around the place.

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