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The Concept

Rebecca Johnson, a Queensland Science Teacher and the author of the Juliet-Nearly-A-Vet series, the Vet Cadet series and the Steve Parish, First Facts and a Dinosaur series. Rebecca contacted us about creating a few videos that would be help her promote her book range. This campaign would help her to sell more books online, create more excitement around her Vet Conventions and get more interested parties in owning her Vet Kits (in time for Christmas). Our team were up to the challenge, and after chatting with Rebecca about her content and her projects, we got to work on building this online campaign.

The first thing we knew we would need is content for the online campaign. In order to educate her audience on all of the products available, we knew we would need some Promotional Content. The easiest ones to start with would be short Explainer Videos about each book series. To align with Rebecca’s goal of generating more interest in future events, and encouraging people to buy more of her Vet Kits, we knew a give-away would be one of the fastest ways to build her list.

Educational Lead Magnet Series - Tanya Targett

How We Helped

So, in one sunny afternoon, Rebecca and The Video Box team filmed the 8 videos needed for her online campaign in her beautiful home. Rebecca knew her stuff, and after being on so many press tours, it was very easy to create the content we needed. We also asked ‘Sierra’ to help us out with one of the promotions as well. This cute-as-a-button actor helped us demonstrate the Vet Kits that were for sale, showing the audience the Target Market for the kits (the dog certainly helped as well!)

My team and I then got to work editing each Online Campaign Promotional Video. Using Rebecca’s dialogue as our guide, each piece came together, and we worked to make each one unique yet unified to Rebecca’s branding. The competition video was the trickiest out of all of the content, as we need to make to engaging enough without coming across as too hard of a sale. All of the clips received our standard treatment of Graphic Design, Titles, Audio Mix and Master and Stock Music.

Knowing that we had our content, it was time to build the Online Campaign on Rebecca’s social media platforms. Since our research had suggested that Rebecca’s Target Audience were very active Facebook users, we used that platform as our main staple to sell more books online. We also knew that being a busy teacher, wife, and mother, we also understood that time was limited for Rebecca, so we wanted to automate as much of the process as possible, while also keep Rebecca’s personality present in all of her communications. We did this by also building a “Messenger Online Campaign” and boosted her search results with SEO maintenance on her website and YouTube content.

Rebecca had also done a great job of building her Social fan base, and establishing trust and credibility with a current audience, which helped with the initial launch of the first video (the competition video and “Messenger” Online Campaign. However, it was very clear within the first few days that Rebecca was finding new traffic with cold leads, and was easily able to convert them with her offers and could sell more books online. This allowed us to springboard off this Online Campaign, and launch the videos with great results around Christmas.

The End Result

2 months later after the launch of 5 campaigns, Rebecca is still generating leads and making sales. As of the 18th of January, Rebecca has reached close to 65′ 000 people organically, generated over 600 leads and is currently making sales on her multiple products every day.

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