The Pink Assassin – Tennis Star’s Brand Passion Story helps gain sponsorship internationally

The Concept

Isabella Bozicevic is an up-and-coming tennis superstar who is making an impact on the tennis scene. From the day Isabella started to play tennis, she has shown an unwavering love for the sport and her commitment to improve every day has been most inspiring and rewarding. The family have committed to building a team they call “the tribe” of professionals in certain specific fields, which were necessary to produce the world-class athlete and tennis player of the future that their daughter desired to be. Her father, Carl, contacted us about creating a Passion Story video to gain sponsorship. We knew we had to show Isabella’s commitment to the sport and the power behind her hit while educating and inspiring the viewer to want to be apart of this tribe.

Tennis Video Gain Sponsorship

How We Helped

Due to Isabella’s strict training schedule and the Tribe’s commitment to their other clients as well, we ended up filming this passion story video a little differently to our normal process. Instead of scripting the interviews as we normally would have, we arranged a time with each Tribe member to interview them. Working with experienced interviewee Olympic trainers like Victor Popov (Olympic Team Physiotherapist for both Australian and Russian Olympic Teams) and Joseph Coyne (Physical Preparation Coach for the Chinese Olympic Athletics Team), our team knew we needed to get our answers in the most time efficient matter, without feeling like we were rushing or missing anything out. Our talks with Mind Mechanics coaches Tony and Eliza and Neuroscience Coach Paul Michael were fascinating, and spending time with Gold Coast Tennis Coach Lachie Treacher was very insightful. All up, we were fortunate enough to get all the information we needed to piece together our 30-minute documentary. Doing the process this way meant that we ended up with a lot of footage on the cutting room floor, but our priority was on being flexible with the Tribe’s schedule and maximizing our time with these dedicated professionals.

After shooting for several days, we finally had enough footage to move into the editing suite. Since we didn’t have a script to work to, the editing process was a little slower than normal. However, patterns had emerged during our interviews; each coach touched on similar topics which made it easy for us to find the fluency. After we had pieced together the dialogue, we added the appropriate B-Roll on top to keep the viewers attention. After all of this was pieced together, we began to work our magic with Graphic Design, Titles and Music. We didn’t want to over-do the Graphics, so we concentrated more on Titles to help educate the viewer on who each member was and what was going on the B-Roll footage. All of this drove the video’s purpose; to help Isabella Gain Sponsorship. The Stock Music helped to drive the listener along, and we made sure that it matched the personality of each section being conveyed.

Once this was completed though, it still wasn’t quite right. It felt like it was missing something. That was until our team member, Gareth, mentioned that it needed the dynamic introduction that you can see at the top of this page. This was the finishing touch that this documentary needed, and really bought the whole Brand Passion Story together. Once Isabella and the family were happy with the final product, we then broke down the footage into several shorter promotional films for Isabella to use. Not all of the markets Carl was presenting this to would suit a 30-minute-long documentary, so this was vital to work out where and when it was being presented. We created several Passion Story versions for various platforms, including social media, websites and text-able versions for sending to various Sponsors whilst on the road to help gain sponsorship.

The End Result

Isabella did gain sponsorship. She is now being sponsored by several companies, including Volkl Tennis, K.Swiss, Bidi Badu and TMGoz. She is the Cover Story for the online magazine, Serve It Up, and recently qualified in the Australian Open Junior Grand Slam and the Australian Open Lead In. This professional passion story video allowed her family to start conversations with sponsors, build Brand Awareness around Isabella and have content that matched her professionalism and powerfulness on the court. We are so proud to have been apart of this process with Isabella’s family and wish her all the success in the world towards her dream of becoming the Number One Player in the world!

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