Oji Makes Cups Dance With Interesting Product Promotional Video

The Concept

Oji Fibre Solutions needed a fresh way to show the world how their Foodservice location in Queensland manufactured thousands of paper cups every day. Oji Fibre Solutions Food Service packaging has had a rich history since opening in 1985, but it is still relatively unknown here in Australia – even after being the biggest paper cup manufacturer for so many years. We worked closely with Helen David, the manager of Oji Fibre Solutions to bring this interesting product promotional video to life.

Justin Films Footage For Interesting Product Promotional Video At Oji Paper Cup Factory

How We Helped

How do you make selling a paper cup interesting? With their recent rebrand, this questions has been at the forefront of all of the marketing goals for Oji Fibre Solutions. We had been working with company for quite some time on social media content and some marketing images for their digital print custom cups.

When we were asked to make this interesting product promotional video, The Video Box team already had an idea of the process – we just wanted to make sure others did too. There was a slight snag in our plans though – a lot of the machines that the Oji Manufacturing plant uses are unique to Oji Fibre Solutions – so we couldn’t show, on video, whole machines or wide shots of the plant.

Knowing this, our team decided to only show close up shots of the actual process and use time remapping and slow motion to tell the story of how a paper cup is made, while avoiding all brand labels, machine names, and any USP of the machine. This worked in our favour anyway – these tight shots actually became the main focus of the interesting product promotional video.

Once company director, Sarah Robinson, had created the suggested shot list and storyboard for the video, team members Justin and Gareth went to the Oji plant to film the footage. Due to the team being flexible around the worker’s schedule, they spent about 2 days on site working to capture all of the necessary shots and interesting angles. This was more about creativity than logic – what ever looked the best took precedent.

Once the footage was all captured, we took the footage back to our in-house editing suite. Our editing team knew that in order to effectively bring this interesting product promotional video to life, we need an amazing, driving music track. We headed over to our friend’s at Soundscape and scoured their library for the perfect track. Once this was found, piecing together the footage became a piece of cake. We added a colour grade to style the piece – plus, this interesting look, helped to cover the issues of filming slow motion footage under industrial fluro lighting!

The End Result

By bringing some fun to the project and working closely with the manufacturing department we created a fantastic and interesting product promotional video that exceeded the expectations of everyone at the company. This video has generated thousands of views while bringing brand awareness to the team.

Cup Product For Interesting Product Promotional Video At Oji Paper Cup Factory

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