Intelligent Automation – Educate Potential Investors For GSwitch

The Concept

Sharleen and Mark Bland, owners of Intelligent Automation, contacted us to create an educational sales video promoting their new environmental product, GSwitch. They were looking for a video resource that would educate potential investors on the product. They also wanted new clients to understand the benefits of owning the product. It was also important to Sharleen and Mark that viewers could follow the science behind the product without getting too bogged down in technical jargon. We knew we could help by getting the mix between sales and education just right; with a great voice over track and a mix of live footage and specialty graphics.

GSwitch_Educational Sales Video_Video Graphics

How We Helped

The first thing we concentrated on was the script. The Video Box team visited with Sharleen and Mark to discuss in detail how the product worked. We also wanted to hear their opinions on how their product benefited the homeowner. This brainstorming session actually generated a lot of the scenarios the final video featured! Plus, Mark was instrumental in explaining the technical side without too much confusion, which guided our language choice. Our professional copywriting team took all of this information to create the voice over script. With informative facts and engaging benefits this script was the perfect blend of education and sales. After only a few reviews with our client, Sharleen and Mark were very happy with the end result. All we needed to do from here was to bring the words to life for this video to Educate Potential Investors.

After breaking down the script into our set shot lists, The Video Box crew went to work. We cast several actors to bring each staged scenario to life. We even rigged up a location to mimic the lighting effects that a real GSwitch would generate! A lot of camera movement was implemented in this sales tool to keep the viewer engaged. It also helped to even paint the picture of the benefits to educate potential investors without having to solely rely on the voice over track. This technique was especially helpful for social media content. Once the all of the footage was captured, we arranged for one of our key voice over artists to record the script. We wanted an artist that could convey the information conversationally, while still coming across as an educational authority figure. Lou did a great job of getting that balance just right, and his tone perfectly suited the video.

Using this voice over track as our framework, we pieced everything together in our in house editing suite. By this stage, the editing was very simple, and it came together very quickly. Our team added branded titles, video graphics, colour correction and a driving music track. Once this was complete, we sent off the final video to our review panel for Sharleen and Mark to check over. After a few tweaks of minor items, the team at Intelligent Automation were delighted with the end result.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

Sharleen and Mark used their video, designed to Educate Potential Investors, to land a contract with Aura Development with installation in 44 homes, before the product had even been finalised. The video also helped them get their next level of funding allowing them to launch nationally. It’s been great to see the development of this product, and we look forward to the technological advances that Intelligent Automation keep making to support our environment.

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