Naughty Little Kids Gelato promotes farm by having Live Video Event Footage Filmed

The Concept

Nathan Jackson, the owner of Naughty Little Kids Gelato, came to us with a goal to market his open days to the public. While he had been running farm tours in the past, he wanted more consistency in numbers and better sales of his Goat’s milk, gelato and cheese. We knew creating social media video content by capturing Live Video Event Footage would be the perfect promotional tool (especially when combined with cute goats!).

Boy Feeds Goat at Naughty Little Kids Gelato captured during filming Live Video Event Footage

How We Helped

After a discussion with Nathan, we knew our Bite Sized Marketing product would be the perfect fit to capture the Live Video Event footage. As one of his Open Days was fast approaching, we quickly got to work mapping out our 5 major goals. We ended up at promoting the Farm Tours for Boys, Farm Tours for Girls, The Goat’s milk Products (Gelato and Cheese – especially for non-dairy eaters), The Goat’s themselves (for that cute factor) and General Awareness of the tours and the farm. Once again, we worked with Andrea to create the 5 one minute scripts for our voice over artists to record. She did a fabulous job, the perfect blend of sales and story – all we needed to do was bring each social media video to life with the Live Video Event footage.

As Goat’s are milked very early in the morning, The Video Box team arrived at 5am to capture the first shots. Justin, our camera operator, shot Mr. Jackson working and milking the goats, while Gareth and Sarah worked to get establishing shots of the farm and the goats. Once we had captured everything we needed, we took a break as we waited for the farm tour to begin. As the time rolled around, hundreds of families showed up to pat the goats. Nathan ended up with 400 visitors that day – perfect for our Live Video Event Footage to show the fun activities and the goat’s interaction with the children.

Once we had captured all that we needed, we took the footage back to our in-house editing suite. We brought each voice over artist into the sound studio over at Tall Poppy Productions and worked with them making sure that their tone matched our live video event footage and social media video goals. We then pieced all of the footage together on the timeline to match the fluidity of the voice over. We then began to work our magic with Stock Imagery, Graphic Design, Titles, and Music. There was plenty of footage to choose from and manipulate. The colour grade gave the social media videos the fun and vibrant look we were after. The titles helped the key words to stand out – perfect for social media video content users who watch videos without sound.

Thanks again Sarah for all of your work on our video – which we love! The proposal meeting very well – we now have a contract with Aura Homes to install GSwitch in 44 display homes. Thanks again! Sharleen and Mark Bland, Intelligent Automation

The End Result

Nathan now uses each Bite Sized Marketing Video to promote his upcoming Farm Tours. The Live Video Event Footage really helps to paint the picture of the tours for Parents and Interested Businesses. It’s been great to see the videos generate thousands of views through organic shares, comments and likes, and the tours reach new numbers every weekend. The videos have also helped Nathan land publicity with publications like The Queensland Times, Channel 7 and even a shout out from National MP Leaders.

Justin From The Video Box Films Live Video Event Footage at Naughty Little Kids Gelatoaining Resources_Forklift

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