Chris Wildeboer shows personal side in a series of business interview videos

The Concept

Chris Wildeboer wanted to create a series of videos that not only promoted her services, but also removed the fear around booking an appointment with a stranger. A lot of her customers deal with many sensitive, personal issues, so Chris’s business interview videos not only educated her cold traffic that Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) could provide some relief, but that Chris herself had experience in their personal issues as well.

Chris Wildeboer from Balance Central in Business Interview Videos

How We Helped

Our company director, Sarah Robinson, had actually worked with Chris before; on a project called The Psychic Couch with Lynda Louise Burke. When Chris contacted us about this business interview series, Sarah knew that scripting Chris would actually be doing her a disservice and suggested that an interview style Passion Story would actually work better. To achieve our goals for these business interview videos, Sarah spent some time going through Chris’s website, looking for topics and questions that could be talked about. After creating an extensive list of possible topics, Sarah and the team grouped all of the topics together and came up with a list of questions. We sent through the list of questions to Chris beforehand, reminding her to have a think about the topics but to not write down any answers; we wanted to keep the answers as real and as fresh as possible.
On the day of filming the interview, we kept the location calm and lo-key. We quietly set up the film gear in Chris’s treatment space, and kept the conversations about topics other than the interview (we didn’t want any pearls of wisdom to leak before the camera was rolling!). Once we were ready to go, Sarah and Chris got to chatting. We treat our interviews like a conversation between friends; this keep the delivery calm and relaxed and the audience are treated to the ‘real’ Chris. This style really works for business interview videos and is highly recommended.
A week later, we were back at Chris’s treatment place, filming the supporting B-Roll with Chris and a few volunteers. This helps to break up the interview footage, and keeps the viewer engage; plus, it really helps to plant the seed of potential results for future customers. Once we had all of the footage, we took the files back to our in-house editing suite. We pieced all of our interview dialogue on the timeline for each of the business interview videos. We then added the B-Roll footage to support each clip. Lastly, the Graphic Design, Colour Correction, Titles and Music were added to finalise each of videos. Once Chris was happy with the final clips, we then created Instagram versions of each of the business interview videos. These one minute clips showed the key messages of each topic, and allowed Chris to reach a new audience as well.

The part I found so fascinating was, Sarah went through my website, with a fine tooth comb, to find out what it was that I did. She then knew what questions to ask me, to make the videos relevant to my business. Sarah made it so easy, and it was just fun, really. I now have close to 25 videos for my business that I get to share on social media and on my website. I’m thrilled at the outcome, I’m really proud of the videos that I know will last for as long as this business lasts.Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central

The End Result

Chris had great success with these business interview videos. She has posted them regularly on her social media channels, and each time they have received not only likes and shares, but heaps of comments as well – from current, past and future clients loving her open honesty and vulnerability on camera. This has led to more calls from customers, more sales of her online products, and a better social media following. It has also inspired her to generate more content – the confidence that her messages are being heard by her customers has led to more Facebook Live calls, and more attendance at Networking events.

Dragonflies found at Balance Central in Business Interview Videos

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