Angela Hryniuk Releases Retreat Promotional Video For Trip To India

The Concept

The first thing we concentrated on was the script for the Retreat Promotional Video. We knew that it had to sell the program without coming across as ‘sale-sy’ and it needed to encourage people to sign up for her qualifying call without them feeling forced to. I enlisted the help of our copywriter, Andrea, to create something in Angela’s voice while ticking all of the boxes above. To make this easier on Andrea, I had Angela fill in our Client Breakdown Questions with as much detail as possible. As usual, Andrea came back with something amazing; it was a sales tool (without coming across as a hard sell), it told the story and it pulled at the right emotions at the right time. All we needed to do was fill in the blanks with our footage and bring her wonderful words to life.

Retreat Promotional Video_India

How We Helped

Once the script was confirmed, we went to Angela’s beautiful home on the Gold Coast and recorded all of the dialogue. I wanted Angela to feel as comfortable as possible, and I wanted her location to reflect the opportunity she was offering to people. My team and I set up the equipment, including the teleprompter. This device allowed Angela to read the words while filming, so that instead of concentrating on remembering the dialogue, she could concentrate on painting the picture of the experience and putting emotion into her performance. Once my team and I got the performance we were looking for from Angela, we returned to the edit suite to begin piecing this Retreat Promotional Video together.

To begin editing, we first organised our footage. This not only makes our editing easy, it helps when we asked to make changes or reuse the same footage again in 2 years time by the same client. We then pieced all of the dialogue together on the timeline to match the fluidity of the script. Once we have a complete script, we begin to work our magic with Stock Imagery, Graphic Design, Titles, and Music. We didn’t have the luxury of heading over to India to film the B-Roll imagery ourselves, so this helped us to convey Angela’s words without breaking the budget! The Graphic Design gave the Retreat Promotional Video the professional look we were after, and the Titles helped us to highlight key messages in the video. Lastly, the Stock Music was added, which helped tie the whole piece together.

Overall, we were really happy with how this turned out and proudly sent this off to the client for review. Angela used our Review process system to leave notes and make changes on the video. Since this linked directly to our editing platform, it was very easy and a quick process to make changes to her video. Once the Retreat Promotional Video was approved, we added captions to the clip. Since her targeted audience was those of an older market, we decided to burn the captions directly into the video; making it impossible to turn them off. This helped to keep her messages clear. We then delivered her Retreat Promotional Video via Dropbox allowing her to upload the video to her chosen platform when she was ready to launch.

The End Result

Angela rang us within two weeks of her launch; she had sold every spot for her High-End Program and had already sold 3 spots for the second round she was planning to launch later in the year. It was also very exciting to hear all of the lovely compliments that Angela received around her Retreat Promotional Video for her program. People were very impressed with the professionalism of the video, which in turn gave them confidence in the professionalism of her program. We are so excited for Angela and are very happy that we helped her create a Retreat Promotional tool that she can use as evergreen content for her program over the next few years.

Retreat Promotional Video_Taj Mahal

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