Angela Hryniuk Uses Social Media Workshop Marketing To Gain Leads

The Concept

Angela Hryniuk, a client of ours, has recently had a lot of success with her workshop series. Angela asked us to film her recent workshops at Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and then we joined her at her two day retreat where we filmed her healing intensive. This was a great way to see her sales process in person – plus to witness the value that she brought to her workshop participants. Out of this material, we created 10 short videos that were used for the lead generation process as social media workshop marketing. This way, Angela could use authentic teaching moments as a way to connect with her audience and showcase her value and knowledge that she has. This way, her future purchasers could witness a small part of what they would experience when attending her next workshop. Plus, as Angela is talking to her current workshop attendees and not directly at the camera, the videos have that feeling of authenticity and exclusivity about them – increasing the feelings of desire and want by her current cold traffic. This is why social media workshop marketing works. By pulling out the little ‘teachable moments’ from a workshop, this material is perfect for lead generation ads, brand awareness ads and educational ads. They have so much use!

How We Helped

Once the script was confirmed, we went to Angela’s beautiful home on the Gold Coast and recorded all of the dialogue. I wanted Angela to feel as comfortable as possible, and I wanted her location to reflect the opportunity she was offering to people. My team and I set up the equipment, including the teleprompter. This device allowed Angela to read the words while filming, so that instead of concentrating on remembering the dialogue, she could concentrate on painting the picture of the experience and putting emotion into her performance. Once my team and I got the performance we were looking for from Angela, we returned to the edit suite to begin piecing this Retreat Promotional Video together.

To begin editing, we first organised our footage. This not only makes our editing easy, it helps when we asked to make changes or reuse the same footage again in 2 years time by the same client. We then pieced all of the dialogue together on the timeline to match the fluidity of the script. Once we have a complete script, we begin to work our magic with Stock Imagery, Graphic Design, Titles, and Music. We didn’t have the luxury of heading over to India to film the B-Roll imagery ourselves, so this helped us to convey Angela’s words without breaking the budget! The Graphic Design gave the Retreat Promotional Video the professional look we were after, and the Titles helped us to highlight key messages in the video. Lastly, the Stock Music was added, which helped tie the whole piece together.

Organisation was key during this project – especially since our team knew that we would be filming so much content. Since our professional cameras could capture clips up to 4 hours at a time (before a card fills up with the 4K footage), we left the cameras running continuously during the event. This way we didn’t miss anything – plus, with our dual card capability, we essentially were able to film all 9 hours of each day without missing a beat. As each card was dumped, our technician got to work ingesting the footage right onto the editing timeline and marking out the sections of each event during the day. Since our professional cameras also have the ability to use a time-code related to real time, marking out the sections was done easily and quickly. Having this dedicated technician during the event made life very easy during the editing process, limiting the amount of time needing to ‘find’ those teachable moments. This is crucial for social media workshop marketing – especially as usually, you want to turn around the edits quickly after the event for maximum impact.

Once the event was over, we had a good understanding of what value Angela brings to an audience. We spoke to her current Marketing team in charge of setting up the ads to make sure we were on the same page for Angela’s lead generation goals and the audience targeting that was put into place. During this time, our team had also tightened up the sections and sent them off to a transcriber. This transcription allowed us to quickly scrub through the footage to find the useful social media workshop marketing clips. Our editor combed through the footage of each workshop section – marking at moments that were particularly exciting, informative, or showed Angela at her best. The transcription also helped our team work quickly and efficiently with Angela and her marketing team without the need to send raw video files between the two parties to confirm the social media workshop marketing clips. It was decided that the ads would work in square format – allowing us to add Text at the top and bottom of the screen. Again, our transcription came in handy – adding permanent captions to the videos was a quick process.

The End Result

Once the social media workshop marketing clips were created, we delivered them in a suitable format for Social Media – mainly Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. While our team was not involved in the campaign building process, Angela did inform us that the videos worked for the new rounds of lead generation, and were well received by her audience. It was also fabulous for us to see so many comments on each short clip; knowing that our messages were reaching the right people. Are you getting the most out of your live workshops? Is there a way we can help you turn your content into social media workshop marketing content – whether for lead generation, brand awareness or social proof? Contact us to discuss your next event.

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