ClinicalPRO Sells Products With Conference Product Promotion Video

The Concept

ClinicalPRO contacted us as they wanted us to create an animated Conference Product Promotion Video for their upcoming Beauty Therapy Conference in Melbourne. They had recently had some professional images taken for the product range so we knew we could put something together pretty easily for them to stand out in the crowd!

The Root Cause_video customer success story

How We Helped

After receiving the initial concept for the Conference Product Promotion Video from ClinicalPRO’s owner, Daniel Clifford, we quickly put together a storyboard. Once it was approved, our Graphic Design team laid out the layouts. We knew that this video had to stand out without needing audio to sell the products and that any text needed to make an impact for viewers walking by. We also wanted this video to be multi-functional, so that if Daniel wanted to put it on a website or any social media channel, this video need to be engaging for focused viewers as well.

We picked clean, bright colours for the Conference Product Promotion video to help engage viewers. Once we had pieced together the layouts on a timeline, we picked an engaging music track and timed the graphics to the music. Our team had to make sure that the graphics moved quickly enough to retain viewership, but not too fast so that the content was lost.

Overall, we were really happy with the end look for this Conference Product Promotion and know that the team at ClinicalPRO will get the results they are looking for.

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