We Help Constance Hall Turn Blog Posts Into Videos For Audience Growth and Reach

The Concept

Australian Blogger Constance Hall contacted The Video Box to create some videos using her recent popular blog posts. After getting such a great reaction to five of her written blog posts, Constance’s marketing team wanted to expand her reach with using video content. After discussing the look and feel of the videos, we quickly got to work turning blog posts into videos for Constance.

How We Helped

One of the first steps we did was the research into Constance’s audience – we knew that we had to make these videos feel like Constance created them, and that they had to resonate visually with her social media following. We looked over the posts that were supplied to us, and read the comments, looking for key phrases that really spoke to her viewership. Once we knew what words to highlight, The Video Box editing team began creating the graphics for each slide. Each video had to be around 1 minute so that the videos could feature on both Instagram and Facebook (these were the two platforms that Constance had the most active following). When turning blog posts into videos, you want to balance the amount of words on screen and the time limit of the clip – viewers shouldn’t feel rushed to read the words on the screen, but they shouldn’t feel like it’s speeding past. Also, since these videos are usually set to music, rather than a voice over track, the viewer is the one in control of the speed. Adding personal photos from Constance to the background helped to unify the message of each blog post, and to continue to connect with Constance’s audience – who all feel like they are part of Constance’s family.

The End Result

Turning blog posts into videos isn’t a tricky task, but it does contain a lot of potentially disastrous results – especially if you are going to turn these videos into ads for lead generation or brand awareness. As our team has a strong understanding of video content and how it is received by an audience, working with us when turning blog posts into videos is the right choice. We helped Constance add new followers and connect with many more women with each video averaging around 1.9 million views each time they were launched.

Turning Blog Posts Into
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