Get More Views By Optimising Your Video Content

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Today, social networking platforms are starting to look more and more like search engines. Potential customers are searching your content to find out whether you are a good fit for their business or lifestyle, and you definitely want to be found by cold traffic by posting valuable content that draws people in. So, how do you make sure that your content appears at the top of the search results? By optimising your content.

Optimising Your Content Gets You More Views

Video Optimising - Keywords

When uploading video content to your Facebook page, your YouTube Channel, your LinkedIn account, or your Instagram account, you want to be mindful of these 3 things:

  • Tags
  • Titles and
  • Descriptions.

This is your SEO for your content – and optimising these 3 things will get your content found from potential fans and customers.

Social Networking Platforms are starting to look more like search engines. Have your content appear at the top of the search by optimising your video content.

Optimising Your Tags

Tags are one of the most important ways to get your content ranked and cataloged. It’s like getting out a megaphone and shouting out single words or short phrases that tell search engines what your content is about and where it can be found.

Optimising Your Titles

Titles are short form descriptions of your content. You should be writing a title that excites, educates or invokes curiosity in order to get people to stop scrolling and start watching.

Optimising Your Descriptions

Descriptions allow you to give a longer explanation for what the content is about, and should feature a call-to-action that encourages people to watch your content over others.

Man Optimising His Content

Each video that you create should have only 1 theme or topic. This topic will become your keyword that you want to be found by. So, for example, if I want to be found by people searching for more information around Video Optimisation, I will feature that keyword, or in this case, phrase, in my title, tags and description. This way, Google’s, LinkedIn’s or Facebook’s bots will know what my video is about and where it should be included from a search.

What Optimising Your Content Looks Like

Optimising Your Video Content

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