Stop Working One-on-One By Creating An Online Course

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Online education is huge at the moment. Targeted traffic is flocking to bloggers and small businesses to learn their skills and talents. Plus, all the tools out there at the moment – digital online school platforms, website plugins, social media pages, and payment gateways – make creating an online course an enjoyable process. It’s an interesting undertaking for an entrepreneur, and while it’s by no means an “effortless” process, the rewards can be more time and more sales.

Creating an Online Course Supports your Business

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So, why should YOU jump on the online course train?

Well, you may want to create an online course because you are currently spending all of your time on the road or on the phone, speaking or teaching at in-person workshops. You may be sharing the same information over and over again – and while it’s fun to work with all of those people and see the light bulb go off behind their eyes – it can be a pretty lonely or tiresome lifestyle – you are taken away from your family, your partner, your children or even friends and events, and you spend more time in hotel rooms than you’d like. If you aren’t present at the event, or if your sick – you aren’t earning income.

Creating an online course is by no means an “effortless process, but the rewards can be more time and more sales, meaning you can create passive income which supports your business.

You may want to be creating an online course if you are spending all of your time working 1 to 1 with clients. Once you add up your hours in a day, there are only a certain number of clients or calls you can make to earn your income. Plus, if your client wants extra help, or calls or emails you out of your scheduled hours, you need to find time to attend to their needs – and this usually comes out of your family time, personal time or sleeping time.

Creating an online course allows you to work with clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This prevents burn out and allows you to control how your spend.

You may want to be creating an online course to expand your customer base. If you are coaching your clients or creating projects with local customers, how can you start offering the same services to people across the globe? You either need to work from either super early in the morning to really, really late at night to accommodate for time zones which, at the end of the day, affects your sleeping patterns, your family’s lifestyle and potentially your current clients, and it can’t last forever – eventually you will burn out.

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And lastly, you may want to create an online course, because you are like me: You went on your first holiday in 7 years for 8 days last year, and you spent the whole time checking your emails, putting out fires, posting social media content, and thinking about progress and analytics and a whole bunch of “what ifs” instead of drinking that cocktail and getting in some R&R with your husband. It’s just too much! You feel like if you go on a holiday, your business shuts down or stops earning income if you aren’t there – and it’s a real problem for some businesses.

Your solution to all of these problems? Is to create an Online Course. You should create an online course if you want time back on your side. You should create an online course if you want to spend less time working one to one or to get off the phone entirely. You should create an online course if you want to charge more for your individual coaching sessions, and take on less of them throughout the year. And, you should create an online course if you want to expand your business globally, where you don’t have to interrupt your precious sleep cycle to help your customers with their problems.

Creating An Online Course Has Never Been Easier!

You can earn passive income with an Online Course – and we can help you create one. If you would like to create an Online Course for your business in 2018, book your free, no-obligation, video planning session with us using the link below. Get time back on your side and start to create a better lifestyle for yourself!If you found the information useful in this video – I’d love to hear from you – leave me a comment. And, if you want more tips and techniques around Video Marketing delivered straight to your inbox, then click this link here.

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