How To Create & Upload Captions For Your Video Content

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If you are like most Small Business owners, you have started to realize that Video is powerful medium to market your messages, your products or services out to hundreds of potential customers. The major problem is that video relies heavily on your audience actually hearing what you are saying to drive the messages home and to get people excited about what you are selling or promoting. And, if your target customer is one of the 86% of people watching video content on Facebook with the sound off, you are potentially throwing good advertising money down the drain.

The Power Of Video Captions

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This is why you need SRT files or Caption files to ensure that each one of your targeted viewers “hears” your important messages no matter what! If you already have video content that is going out as part of a Video Marketing campaign, make sure it has captions included.

The easiest way to create captions for your video is to already have a script. This way, you don’t need to have the video transcribed for starting, and, if using YouTube for creating your caption files, you can feed this script into the bot and tell it what it is that you are saying. The simplest way for creating captions for your content, is to use Facebook to do it for you.

Captions files ensure that each one of your targeted viewers “hears” your important messages, no matter what!

How To Create Captions In Facebook

In the video above I have created a tutorial video to help run you through this process. It’s very simple. If you have previously uploaded the video to your business page, you can select edit video, go to the captions Tab, select Generate, and it will open a new pop up window.

You can then check over the automatically generated captions and edit any mistakes the bot has made, and then select Save To Video. This is the perfect option for short form content, and will ensure you get your messages across no matter how your audience chooses to view your content.

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