Create Content that Connects you to your Audience

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So, you’ve started to create content to help market your business. This may be in the form of blog content, video content, social media posts, behind-the-scenes images, newsletter tips or more. Hopefully, you are starting to see results and you are looking to come up with your next blog topic or catchy caption on your latest Instagram image. Easier said than done right? Once you’ve passed the about me video, content about your products, why your audience may need your services in their lives – you kind of start panicking that the tap will run dry!

I had a goal to create content with value


My problem used to be that I would get bogged down with first coming up with idea and then writing a script that would be engaging and amazing and would convert all of these viewers into customers. It was way too much pressure and I would end up writing nothing. Suddenly, the washing or looking at my friend’s cat pictures seemed way more important. It was starting to get really frustrating!!

So, on one particularly focused coffee-fueled morning, I wrote myself a list of topics. I didn’t allow myself to hit the delete key – no idea was too stupid or irrelevant. I asked myself the following questions:

What would I want to know about my business?
Who gets value out of my products and/or services?
What would excite me to know about my product before I bought it?
What would my customers want to know?

After that session I had roughly 20 topics that could help me focus my content delivery.

It can be tricky to consistently create content for your business; content that connects you to your target audience and speaks to them on a deeper level.

I then took this one step further. I went through all of my emails and notes with my current and past clients and searched for questions or concerns that they had during their projects. This was perfect insight into what a customer is searching for – what answers they needed before they hired me. I added all of those topics or questions to my content list as well. Then, I took another look at the jobs that I completed with those customers.

How had I helped them to solve problems in their businesses?
What videos were they creating with me?
What excited them about those videos?

I knew others could benefit from the solutions I provided those clients so I added these notes to my list as well. Now I had a list of 60 possible topics! It was growing and I was feeling much better about my goal to create content with substance.

I Now Create Content With Value


Lastly, I went straight to social media and did a search for questions or comments about the word “video”. I used twitter’s search for particular hastags and searched the Facebook groups I am a part of. I would pour through the search results, reading questions and comments put forth by small business owners, and everytime someone would comment with their frustration or difficulty at doing something, I would write it down. Now I had over 100 topics I could pick at random to create engaging content that would convert my audience into customers – because the content is exactly what my target market wants.

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By using this list of questions, and, by not allowing myself to hit the delete key, I was able to generate a list of 100 topics that would help me to create content for my business.