The 5 Website Videos You Should Have

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Are you looking for ways to generate more interest in your website and business? Perhaps you are wanting to engage your audience with video content that converts viewers into buyers. Or, maybe you are looking to create raving fans that not only love your brand but also promote you to their friends and networks as well. Whatever your reason, you can do all of this with Video Marketing. It’s an effective way to communicate your brand, and has the potential to reach new customers, make more sales and answer your Target Markets burning questions. This has the power to cut down on the amount of money spent on targeted advertising and give you more time to work on the other areas in your business. If you are looking to increase engagement with your business, stand out in a very busy crowd and convey your message to thousands of people all around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And, it all starts, by building a library of Website Video content.

website video number 1

Greet your Audience to your site with a Welcome Website Video

The first video you need on your Homepage is a Welcome Video. Personally welcome visitors to your website and invite them to look around. Introduce yourself, and give a short summary of who you work with and what you do. Feature how you can help and why you help.

Some extra tips to think about: Have open body language, make eye contact directly into the camera lens, be at a comfortable distance from the camera – too far away and you subconsciously deliver the message that you are hiding something, and too close to the camera can put people off, keep the imagery and the lighting bright and fresh and keep the language cheery and casual. Short and Sweet is the key here – you only have a limited time to get them hooked!

Example of Welcome Website Video

website video number 2

Tell your tale of the WHY behind your business with a Passion Story Website Video

Your story – or as we call them at The Video Box, A Passion Story. Tell the story behind the business. Your goal for this video is to create trust and generate interest in you. Show people the WHY behind your business, your passion – and describe the problems you solve by sharing your story. This is great content for your about page, and you can afford to make this a longer video for your truly curious fans.

Take some time to really think about your script here. It can be easy to fall into the trap of making it all about you. You actually want to structure it in a way that has your audience resonating with your message. You want them to watch your video and think, “Yes! I’m just like that! That sounds like me!”.

Example of Passion Story Website Video

website video number 3

Website Video number 3 is a Promotional Film that centres around your Products and Services. Create a video that promotes your top selling product or your signature program. Show your audience what it is, how it will benefit them and why they need this in their lives. You can have multiple of these throughout your website – one for each product or service and keep them between the two to three minute range.

Some tips to think about: You need engaging dialogue or narration, it needs to be long enough to fully explain the product and it’s benefits, but short enough to keep your viewers attention, it needs to be professional looking, without coming across as posh or pretentious, and your audience needs to recognize themselves in their characters being portrayed on screen.

Example of Promotional Film Website Video

website video number 4

Website video number 4 is a Testimonial Video. Text ones are okay – but if you can, invest in some video testimonials. Create video content for your business featuring your biggest fans – your happy clients! If you have Google or Facebook reviews, bundle them into a short video – take screenshots, stick a music track underneath, and post it to your website. Or, if you are feeling adventurous and are bursting to have your client’s success stories shared, gather up 5 of your best clients, book a videographer for the day, and interview them on camera. The emotions portrayed by your “actor” as they share their tale around going from point A to point B with your product or service will do the selling for you! Put a face to the testimonial – your customers will feel proud to have their achievements shared or your b2b clients will get a little extra advertising – it’s a win-win for everyone.

Example of Testimonial Website Video

website video number 5

Website video number 5 is a Lead Generation video. Giving away a free ebook? Want customers to schedule in a Discovery Call? Want them to join your latest Webinar? Well, tell them to do it with a Lead Magnet Video. Videos are a lot easier for people to consume, and provide faster gratification than text based lead magnets do.

A Lead Magnet video does 2 things: it explains the benefits around owning this valuable piece of content and builds the trust for that viewer to hand over their email address in exchange for the content. It’s important to keep these short and sweet, but still captivating and engaging enough to drive your audience to take action.

Example of lead generation Website Video

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